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John Durbin Husher graduated with a BSEE degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1958 and began his career as an Electrical Engineer by immediately beginning to contribute to the world of electronics as one of the first inventors of Integrated Circuits (chips) with Westinghouse in Pennsylvania.

In 1966 Mr. Husher joined Sprague Electric in Worcester Massachusetts as the General Manager and Plant manager responsible for inserting them into the IC business by overseeing the development of the IC technology and administering the building of the first all laminar flow facility in the 140,000 sq. ft. plant.

Mr. Husher joined Fairchild Semiconductor in 1968 as the Director of Digital Integrated Circuits worldwide. In 1970 he took over the Linear Integrated Circuits group and led it to becoming the initial Analog Division.

 In 1982, Mr. Husher joined Micrel, a small privately owned test company at that time as Vice President and General Manager and was instrumental in leading it to becoming Micrel Semiconductor Inc. a publicly traded company, and a successful analog supplier of integrated circuits. After 20 years with Micrel he retired in 2002.

The books I have written are about

different subjects and each is aimed at

different audiences for different reasons.

One is just a beautiful story; another is

about real live heroes that I believe will

entertain the readers. In several, I

discuss today's popular, and difficult to

understand subject matter and put it in

easy terms so they can understood easily

by everyone. I am available for questions,

open ideas and discussion of opinions. If

I receive a number of questions about

a subject matter I haven't covered in my

books it will give me an input to what new

books I should write.

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Since his retirement, Mr. Husher has written several books and is working on new ones.

The books already printed and available can be found at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can also review them on this website on the Books page.

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