By a River, On a Hill brings you into the lives of twins born during the depression in a small steel mill town in Western Pennsylvania and carries you through the depression, the war, the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and on to two completely different routes of success of each to his chosen profession.This is a true family story, written for the family.
John Durbin Husher  - author of the 21st century   
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An author of the 21st century

This book covers Life and Death but is mainly about Life. It covers the five worse causes of death in the history of mankind and what has been done to prevent a repeat of these causes. Thid story covers the dramatic efforts since the eighteenth century by key individuals to overcome illness and extend the life of man. It takes you to the present time (2015) and what is being done to overcome many of the everyday illnesses and the death threatening ones. Many readers will find information that is valuable to them in taking actions to help prevent or resolve their medical problems.

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The Follower is Axel Tressler, an indestructible hero. It tells the tale of how an accident at birth led to his becoming a force to be feared and admired. He is the younger of twin brothers who were born after their mother survives an airplane crash. His brother Adam is born next to the wreckage but Axel is not born until three days later. There appears to be nothing different about them; however as Axel reaches puberty, he and his mother recognize that he has unusual strength.

In college, Axel majors in biology, studies to become a doctor and earns his degree. While teaching at the university he develops a computer chip that doesn't require a keyboard or monitor and works by vocal recognition. This is placed in his body and allows him to call up various levels of his internal strength.

Eventually the government agency his twin brother works for is able to use his strength and technical capabilities to render him indestructible. His indestructibility is created by providing him a body coating that is transparent; made of spider webbing and titanium nanotubes; it can withstand the impact of bullets. Axel becomes the driving force behind several major operations for the agency involving terrorists, espionage, and the drug cartel in Mexico.

Want to understand some of the top topics of the day, without going to school? This book will do it for these confrontational subjects. You will enjoy reading these like you would 'the weather report'.

This book will prepare you for reading the paper each day in search of more information on Global Warming, the human genome, and stem cell advances. If you are afflicted with any disease or physical ailment this book may be a shining light that shows where hope is coming for you.

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The Follower III:
When three grisly murders mystify pathologists, Dr. Edward Kim of the United States Science Agency calls on Axel Tressler. By day, Tressler is an ordinary university biology teacher. But, endowed with special capabilities, he also carries out dangerous, top-secret government missions. Kim asks Tressler to go undercover in the Silicon Valley to investigate the improper use of nanoparticles as biological weapons. Kim believes someone is leaking top-secret information to a terrorist organization. Tressler's mission takes him to Boston, Mexico, Great Britain, and Iran, where he faces terrorists involved in the nanoparticle technologies. Tressler must rely on all of his unique skills and abilities-including a high-tech internal computer and an indestructible skin covering-to rescue five American students held in an Iranian jail and thwart Iran's attempts to build a nuclear arsenal.

If you want an easy to understand description of DNA and Stem Cells and their promise in extending life, you will want to read The Wonder of Life. This book brings the reader through the various conflicts man has faced and brings him to the brink of success in overcoming the secrets of life.


The Follower II: Axel Tressler is indestructible. Born with special energy levels, he is the recipient of an experimental type of armor-a transparent material made with spider webs and titanium nanotubes-from the U.S. Science Agency. With this unique armor, Axel carries out dangerous, top-secret government missions. But during his "normal" life, he's just an ordinary university biology teacher who has a beautiful girlfriend and a hopeful future.

When his country calls, Axel is there...even if his girlfriend, Tori, isn't too happy about it. The two have agreed to live together for one year to see if they're compatible before they decide to get married. But it's hard to learn if they are marriage material when Axel is never home!

Axel's latest mission takes him to Iran to deal with issues involving biological weapons. But things grow more dangerous as he must also deal with the heroin trade in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the long-range missile capabilities of North Korea, and the weapons supply for the Mexican Cartel. Axel must use not only tactical skills in these assignments, but also his advanced knowledge in biology.

With Axel jetting off to every far-flung location in the world, Tori wonders if their relationship can survive. But Axel is wondering if he can survive! With everything on the line, there's only one way to find out...

Affecting millions of people worldwide, global warming is one of today’s most timely and vital topics. It’s an issue that’s been studied, written about, and debated by scientists and lay people alike. But in Beyond Global Warming, engineer John Durbin Husher argues that we have an even bigger problem on our hands—and shows us what we need to do about it. Beyond Global Warming offers eight creative and powerful solutions for the crisis behind global warming so that, together, we can ease the situation for future generations.

With population growth of two billion by 2037 there will be a crisis in feeding the world; including a shortage of food and energy for transportation. Crises of the 21st Century brings several facts to light with the hope of getting the attention of world leaders. By the year 2037 the demand for oil will increase from 5.6 million megawatts to 10 million megawatts; however, the world will be out of oil at that point. To replace this lost source of energy the author covers the various renewable energy sources and shows that by 2037 the world will fall well short of the needed 10 million megawatts of energy supplied by these renewable energy sources.